Innovation - money for development of innovative products

No.1 consultant in germany specialized in ZIM software projects

ZIM is a subsidies program from the german government (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium). It brings you money if you are planning to develop some innovative product. If you have 8-250 fulltime employees you may be eligible for this program.

We take care of all the work we can do for you for getting the money. We assess your idea, do the paperwork and take care of the project the whole time it is running. We get paid only if you get money from the government.


Automation - make everything run automatically

web processes, APIs, document creation, email, messengers, SMS, Voice Calls at your fingertips

Especially small, innovative companies can catchup with the "big players" by automating their processes. In deed, as the CEO often is burdened with routine tasks, automation makes him free to work on and not in the company. We have the tools, know how and ideas to free you and your employees up from repetitive work.


FlashDev - lightning fast software development

First think, then act

Knowing the state of the art in software solutions is the key to our success in our subsidies business. So we spend a good amount of time evaluating new software solutions, tools, libraries and development frameworks. Depending on this knowledge we spend some time on dicovering the right language, tool or framework as soon as we know what you want to accomplish. We are not bound to some unique programming language or database or framework. The rest is super fast delivery.



Digitalisation made easy

Hallo Kellner!

Call a waiter with your smartphone. For all hospitality companies. Website


Arachno Configurator Engine. Configurators for your products on your website. Website


Arachno Process Engine - forms, actions, documents brought together to automate processes


Feature complete solution for automating web based processes and data scraping. Website

App Recommendation

Build an affiliate system around your app easily. Something the app stores don't offer.

Digitalisation building kit

Collection of tools and services that show steps to digitizeation, are easy to implement and are cost effective. Website

This all may be a bit overwhelming. Don't hesitate to contact us. We are only part time nerds and can do "business speak". Be shure that we'll try to understand your problem, that we know how to digitize processes and that we are sometimes very creative in finding new ideas. We just have to talk a bit. We are ready to spend some time with you.


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